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Imam Yusuf bin Ismail an-Nabhani (Alaihir raHmah) says in his magnificent poem praising the Prophet SallAllahu Alayhi wa Sallam:

أَنا عبدٌ لسيّد الأنبياءِ وَولائي لهُ القديم ولائي
أَنا عبدٌ لعبدهِ ولعبد العَبد عبدٌ كذا بغير اِنتهاءِ

I am the slave of the Master of Prophets And my fealty to him has no beginning,
I am slave to his slave, and to his slave’s slave, And so forth endlessly! ♥

Sa‘adat al-darayn fi al-salat ‘ala Sayyid al-kawnayn (Felicity in the Two Abodes Through Prayers upon the Master of the Two Realms – may Allah bless him and grant him peace)

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